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A perfect tip-toe between understated and elevated, this whimsical collection

is for the modern soul. Alluring gold textures & natural stones are stirred

together to introduce a sense of departure from the ordinary. 

Forged in 14k & 18k gold, these pieces are thoughtfully designed

to be paired effortlessly with any mood. 

Hammered Pieces

Dating back to a process that is at least 5000 years old, hammering gold is an Egyptian technique of beating gold into thin sheets using a rounded stone ball. 

Shop handmade guilded gold pieces, crafted by our local artisans.

Solid Gold Pieces

A perfect tip- toe between understated and elevated, these clean silhouettes are an ideal medium of disclosure.

Pick a match for your mood and layers.

Stone-studded Pieces

Alluring gold textures are stirred along with vibrant stones, to introduce a sense of departure from the ordinary.

This whimsical collection is crafted for the poetic soul.




Pearl Pieces

A delicate lineage of pearls fused with gold to engender a minimal aesthetic. 

Explore the timeless in everyday.

An eclectic mix of design sensibilities, the statement diamond pieces are a free exploration of elements like weight, texture and shapes. 

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