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Raised in New Delhi and based out of Mumbai, Akanksha Arya's idea for Black Balloon is inspired by the power of the feminity that surrounds her. Having been a part of an ever-creative process to convert her aesthetic sensibilities into wearable & modern gold jewellery, the idea has been stirring since an extremely young age. The urge to bring a sharper, minimal design aesthetic to trickle into the Indian mainstream gold market is found in the staple designs every wardrobe would cherish. 

The pieces she creates are recognised for their wearability and aesthetics. She is deeply connected with the local artisans of Mumbai who tirelessly and lovingly craft pieces soaked in a solid cultural evolution by way of their design. The brand's ever-growing list of clients and endorsements have firmly rooted their foot in the door to speak to a coming-of-age generation that doesn't shy of indulging their taste in unique handcrafted designs.


Akanksha Arya | Owner

BLACK BALLOON is born from the idea of power in simplicity. The pieces allow one to stop and recognise the timeless in every day. Forged in 14k and 18k gold, Black Balloon jewellery is an effortless expression of ones being.


A firm reminder to hold on to your passions ever since you started to dream. An endearing gift to yourself or someone you love deeply. Even though it might be the daintiest piece in your closet, it’s always the most defining one. It’s you.

Go play.

The precious stones used in your jewellery are hand-cut in Jaipur, Rajasthan,

the wood hand-carved in Mumbai, Maharashtra &

the leather hand-tanned in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Finally, the goldsmiths work their

magic by marrying all the unexpected details with gold here in Mumbai, India.

Quality & value is something we take pride in, which is why we use

the highest quality of fine metals, precious stones, leather & rosewood

to make our jewellery. At the very heart of it, each one is infused

with craftsmanship and fragments of our vision for you.


All Black Balloon pieces come engraved with the BIS [Bureau of Standards] hallmark.


BIS, the sole agency in India, operate the hallmarking scheme

for precious metals in line with International criteria

on hallmarking (Vienna Convention 1972).


All our jewellery is casted using the finest precious metals available.

Sampling is conventionally done in 14k and 18k yellow gold, but we also offer

white and rose gold as an option, for most jewellery, to suit individual tastes.


We only use the most premium genuine leather that India has to offer. 

Attentively hand tanned in Kanpur to specifically fit our jewellery. 


In order to remain true to using only made in India materials for our jewellery,

we have experimented with material combinations in this line.


Themes of permutations seen in nature are explored here.

For this collection, we have used the Indian Rosewood aka Dalbergia latifolia 

to create these musings. Each wooden piece is hand carved

with gripping attention to detail by master woodworkers in Mumbai.

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